ASML holdings starts new bullish cycle


ASML Holding N.V. (ticker: ASML) is a leading Dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturer. It’s one of the world’s largest suppliers of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. Established in 1984, ASML has played a crucial role in the advancement of chip-making technology. Its advanced lithography machines enable the production of smaller, faster, and more powerful microchips used in various applications, including smartphones, data centers, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles.

ASML’s lithography systems employ a technology called Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. This allows for the creation of ultra-fine circuit patterns on silicon wafers. This technology is critical for semiconductor manufacturers to keep up with Moore’s Law. The Law states that the number of transistors on a chip doubles approximately every two years. This in turns drives the continuous progress of computing power.

The company operates globally, serving major semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. Its customer base includes industry giants such as Intel, Samsung, and TSMC. ASML’s technological leadership, strong intellectual property portfolio, and focus on research and development have positioned it as a key player in the semiconductor equipment industry.

ASML is part of a blue-chip investment option due to the company’s strong market position and its strategic importance in the semiconductor industry. Factors that influence the stock performance includes industry trends, global demand for semiconductors, technological advancements, and macroeconomic conditions. Below we will take a look at the weekly Elliott Wave forecast of the company

ASML weekly Elliott Wave chart

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