Can Apple’s vision pro headset triumph in the market? [Video]


Apple announced the release of its long-awaited Vision Pro headset, and it’s going to retail only in the US at first for a hefty $3,499 price tag. The headset will have its own dedicated app store, and the device is set to mix augmented reality with virtual reality. The idea is that the user wears a headset that completely immerses them in the user experience. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said during the presentation, “It’s the first Apple product you look through and not at.”

The early share price reaction to the announcement indicates that investors are not convinced at this stage. Share prices fell -0.76% on the news.

However, Apple shares have been gaining on some of their AI exposure. So, does that mean any further drops lower are worth buying? Certainly, Apple’s summer seasonals are strong. Over the last 25 years, Apple’s share prices have gained 80% of the time and seen an average return of 14.16%.

So, will Apple’s new headset device pay off? Will the summer seasonal pattern support any dips on the recent drop?

Major trade risks: There are multiple risks in markets at the moment surrounding growth concerns, liquidity risks, and uncertainty over US corporate earnings.


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