Elliott Wave Analysis: FTSE 100 and top tech stocks [Video]


European Stock Market Elliott Wave Investing / Trading Strategies.
Content Index DAX 40 – FTSE 100 – Forex: DXY – GBPUSD – EURUSD.
Market Summary The possibility of USD DXY breaking lower, which can lead to an increase in DAX 40 and Euro Dollar. As per the Elliott Wave Analysis, the Wave (i) is tracking the first upward impulse wave on DAX 40. As a trading strategy, long side trades on DAX 40 should aim to secure profits at the highs and then purchase the dip that is likely to occur.
Elliott Wave (i)  tracking the first impulse wave upwards on the DAX 40.
Trading Strategies Long side trades on the dax, should lock in some profit into the highs and then buy the dip about to occur.

Video chapters

00:00 DAX 40 (GDAXI) .
12:37 UKX / FTSE 100.
14:45 Forex GBPUSD / EURUSD / DXY.

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