Justin Sun offers $10 million bounty to return the $110 million stolen funds from Poloniex


  • Poloniex investor Justin Sun published an on-chain message that was seemingly addressed to the hacker.
  • Sun mentioned that he knows the exploiter’s identity and that the authorities from China, the US and Russia have been informed. 
  • Sun even offered the hacker a $10 million whitehat bounty to return the stolen $110 million funds. 

Poloniex investor Justin Sun posted an on-chain message addressing the hacker. Sun had two major points he wanted to communicate after the involved person or group siphoned roughly $110 million from the Poloniex exchange. 

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Justin Sun tries to make amends 

Poloniex exchange suffered a major setback as hackers siphoned roughly $110 million worth of cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on November 10. A few minutes later, the exchange confirmed the exploit. 

As of November 18, Justin Sun, who is a major investor in Poloniex, sent an on-chain message to the hacker. The message reads,

We have already confirmed your identity, and the police forces of China, the USA, and Russia have been involved. All stolen funds have been marked for tracking and cannot be used, and the financial counterparties will be frozen. Return by November 25, 2023, and we will offer a $10 million white hat reward. If not returned by that time, police forces from multiple countries will take action.

Reports suggest that this was the work of the North Korean hackers and that it could make the recovery difficult. 

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Surprisingly, TRON (TRX) price has remained steady and only retraced 5% since this incident. TRX currently exchanges hands at roughly $0.102 after a 50% rally between August 18 and November 13. 

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