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The popular meme coin SHIB recently faced issues due to the controversy surrounding the Shibarium code. But the latest on the layer 2 network is that its beta launch will hit the metaverse this week. But while the anticipation grows within the community, some crypto enthusiasts are seemingly unaffected.

In a recent development, a famous YouTube influencer shared his skepticism of SHIB, causing the lead developer to call him out.

You’re a Waste of Time, Says Shytoshi Kusuma

A recent tweet showed Shytoshi Kusuma calling BitBoy a waste of time. The lead developer revealed how the crypto influencer ignored him in a live stream and failed to mention Shiba Inu throughout the broadcast. As such, Kusuma wrote that he would disengage him.  

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Also, in the post, the lead developer pointed out that BitBoy had a real beef to handle, so he wouldn’t call his recent attitude a beef. Instead, he requests that Bitboy stop fudding. Notably, some users responded to the interchange urging Kusuma to fix the problem instead of fighting.

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The reel beef, according to Kusuma, is the court case against Ben Armstrong, aka Bitboy, and others for promoting crypto projects. Adam Moskowitz is the lawyer representing the U.S. residents and other plaintiffs against Armstrong, Kevin Paffrath, and Erika Kullbergm. 

The lawsuit alleges that the influencers deceived investors into spending money on FTX. This case follows the trend of lawsuits against popular influencers who made money promoting failed crypto projects.

However, BitBoy shared a tweet stating that he’s excited about the lawsuit as he’ll countersue the plaintiffs and their lawyers to prove his non-involvement in FTX.

BitBoy Claims SHIB Founder Has Links To SBF 

Kusuma shared the tweet after BitBoy claimed he’d expose the identity of Shiba Inu’s principal founder. The argument started on March 16 after Rancune (@Rancune_eth) shared a tweet claiming that Shibarium, the layer 2 blockchain, is a ripped chain from Rinia. Also, he disclosed that the developers forgot to change the chain ID. 

Afterward, BitBoy picked it up, stating that evidence supported the claim and that he would dox the SHIB founder. Some users responded to his post asking if he knew the meme coin’s founder. In his reply, Armstrong stated that SBF worked with the founder when the project picked up after the main co-founders split. 

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Notably, many users responded in favor of Shiba Inu. A user, Cherb213, asked BitBoy why he wanted to harm the meme coin, while another user called him a ‘bastard.’ A particular user, Ethan.Shib, encouraged BitBoy to join the opportunity in the meme coin stating that its layer 2 platforms will boost BONE demand in the industry.

He also reiterated that developers would burn Shiba Inu in every transaction, which will help cap supply and increase the meme coin value.

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