Solana price rally could be interrupted, analysts identifies warning signs in SOL


  • Solana price could decline to $49, according to an analyst who identified signs for a bearish trend reversal. 
  • SOL deposits to exchanges have climbed; large wallet addresses sent nearly $50 million in Solana to Binance and Kraken.
  • SOL price is likely to shed its gains after yielding 30% weekly gains for token holders.

Solana price rallied to $68 for the first time since May 2022, on Thursday. The altcoin yielded 30% gains for SOL token holders over the past week. An analyst evaluated the Ethereum alternative’s price trend and identified warning signs for a bearish trend reversal in Solana. 

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Analyst spots warning signs, predicts correction in SOL price

Pseudonymous crypto analyst behind the X handle, @Bluntz_Capital, commented on Solana’s price trend in a recent YouTube video. The analyst predicted a pullback in SOL on the daily timeframe. After yielding double-digit gains for holders over the past week, SOL price is likely to correct lower to the 38.2% Fibonacci level, from the bottom of the Elliott Wave pattern, at $49. 

According to @Bluntz_Capital, Solana price is likely to decline to the $49 level since the wave pattern is complete. 

The recent spike in SOL token deposits to exchanges is another factor that supports a bearish thesis for the Ethereum-alternative token. 

Whales deposit SOL to centralized exchanges

Based on data from crypto intelligence tracker, Lookonchain, a whale wallet address “H4yiPh” unstaked 2.16 million SOL tokens worth $128M, on November 16. Of this, 312,868 SOL worth $18.56 million was deposited to Binance and Kraken.

Another whale wallet unstaked 505,034 SOL tokens worth $31.7 million on Thursday, and transferred 505,000 SOL worth $31.7 million out, most of which was deposited to Binance and Kraken.

The large volume deposits are likely to increase selling pressure on the Ethereum-alternative, driving SOL price lower.

At the time of writing, SOL price is $59.08 on Binance.


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