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Trading opportunities: Forex, commodities, indices and crypto [Video]

In this Trading Opportunities Webinar, Neerav Yadav (Author of “Think with the Markets”) has discussed charts of Forex, Commodities, Indices.

All discussions are based on Advanced Elliott Wave, with detailed Wave counts as well standard Supply and Demand analysis.



01:36 – About Us.

06:22 – EURUSD (Upside targets achieved).

10:46 – EURCAD.

14:30 – USDJPY (Updated Wave Count).

24:56 – EURJPY (Updated Wave Count).

29:20 – Crude Oil.

34:35 – Gold.

37:00 – SPX (Went down, precisely as discussed).

41:20 – Nifty (Short trade discussed).

51:13 – BITCOIN (Short term analysis).

53:12 – 4 Trades that were discussed live and played out.

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