Apple Iphone SE 2020

Apple iPhone SE (2020) Review, Specs & Price

Apple’s gift to low-budget iPhone lovers,  SE variant came with extraordinary programs and features. Regardless of whether the Small Edition was justified, despite all the trouble. What’s more, similar to the first iPhone SE, its second edition is both – Small, significantly greater than the first, and exceptional – like launches happen once after 4 years.



We’re certain Apple had plans for a major show occasion last March, yet couldn’t happen due to COVID-19, and plans were dropped. The new iPhone was presented as exhibit less on the maker’s site, however immediately got popular not just for being one of the least expensive iPhones ever constructed yet in addition as probably the most blazing bang for a buck offer.
Simply think about that – bang for the buck originating from Apple! Undoubtedly, the feature of the new iPhone SE is the A13 Bionic chip – that is Apple’s most recent feature – that empowers the amazing iPhone 11 trio. Concerning the rest, it’s particularly the iPhone 8.


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Look, Feel & Design

There are two different ways to take a glance at the iPhone, particularly one with a design like the iPhone SE. you either like the features or not, it has been like this since the iPhones appeared, however the specifications, features, and costs help amplify this kind of sentiments, as well. In any case, one thing is without a doubt – this isn’t the smallest iPhone accessible however one of the most viable cell phones of the industry.


Apple Iphone SE 2020 Design Slim

Can you recall when we called the 6 “Xiaomi Mi 9 SE one of the most viable phones? In this way, we’re returning – these features are for iPhone SE now. Much obliged to you, Mi, but it’s time for you to go.
Hence, the iPhone SE (2020) is tiny – estimating 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm and weighs just 148g – which implies it is 1cm shorter and 3mm narrower than the Mi 9 SE.
Yet, on the off chance that we need to contrast the new iPhone SE and the former one, it truly has become bigger – 1.5cm long and 1cm wide, to explain. It additionally got 35g – an unmistakable load when the two are contrasted.
If the design is considered, it is quite evolved, yet additionally, a leftover of the digital past. The iPhone SE (2020) utilizes a similar Gorilla Glass panels and frame of aluminum the iPhone 8 had in 2017 – but the structure was three years of age.




The iPhone SE (2020) gets the iPhone 8 display – indeed, equivalent to the first one from the iPhone 6. The panel referenced was launched in 2014, however, was improved throughout the years with the help of wide color gamut support, True Tone enhancements, and HDR adjustments. Along these lines, the new iPhone SE has a 4.7 “16: 9 LED-backlit IPS LCD screen, otherwise called the Retina display, with 326ppi or 1334 x 750 pixels. This pixel density was launched on iPhone 4 and Retina was introduced back then. The iPhone X began to change that to the Super Retina 458ppi.


iphone se 2020 display

It has a flat-screen, covered by uniquely crafted glass by Corning, and has an oleo-phobic cover for resisting extra smudges.
True Tone color correction is accessible on the display of iPhone SE, Night Shift – a blue light filter, which is an important element for the iOS feature set.




The iPhone SE (2020) has a 1,821mAh battery – similar to the iPhone 8’s, albeit an alternate cell. The iPhone SE can be charged with its old 5W charger, Pro’s 18W charger, or another genuine USB-PD charger. The iPhone SE also supports a wireless charger.
The iPhone SE has a standard 5V/1A charger pin that tops off 27% of the dead battery shortly and for 100% charging, it takes around two hours and 30 minutes.


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We additionally tried the iPhone SE with the iPhone 11 Pro 18W charger – it charges about 57% of the SE battery shortly and charging it 100%, takes around 100 minutes. The iPhone SE posted evaluated scores on battery test – it can take as long as 10 hours of 3G calls, as long as 13 hours of web browsing in one charge, or you can watch recordings for as long as 9 hours. The endurance is quite decent which is of 59 hours.




The Apple iPhone SE (2020) has two speakers – one on the bottom of the phone and the other earpiece. The base one gives more bass than the ear, yet other than that – their sound is by all accounts sufficiently moderate.
In the speaker-test, the iPhone SE got an excellent sound feature. Regarding quality – it’s likewise great. The bass and the music are extraordinary; however, the vocals can be better.


Apple iOS 13 with Touch ID and Home Key

The iPhone SE (2020) is running on the most recent Apple iOS 13.4 OS and ought to be appreciated around five years of continuous programming updates. IOS 13 was not a significant OS update – it was centered around creating default system applications.
iPhone SE depends on the Touch ID for biometric security. It hasn’t changed at all since the iPhone 8 – you press the sensor, and the iPhone turns on when it is effectively identified.


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Wake up when lifted work as an appeal, as well, you don’t have to turn the screen on manually.
The lock screen is basic – it has three pages – the notifications at the bottom, left for today, and right the camera application. The spotlight switch can be added to the notification center at the bottom.




Apple’s iPhone SE has 12MP single camera as on the iPhone 8. It utilizes Sony’s 1.22µm sensor with 28mm f/1.8 focal points. Optical stabilization and autofocus are also available.
A quad-LED flash from the iPhone 8 is additionally accessible in SE, and supports slow-sync flash as well that makes the picture look more natural and not actually like ordinary flash pictures.
On account of Apple’s new A13 Bionic chip and its ISP, the camera presently underpins Portrait mode on the basis of depth map made by the AI cycle like a selfie camera.
The most recent Apple Smart HDR from the iPhone 11 generation is likewise accessible on the iPhone SE – giving a recognizable increment in picture quality, with or without sunlight.

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