Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple Cryptocurrency Market Watch - Price Prediction

Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple Cryptocurrency Market Price Analysis

The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, sought to expand its growth momentum while traded at about $ 11,600, with a goal of achieving the $ 11,800 mark. Ethereum was the best performing currency among the top three cryptocurrencies on those days. Ripple was on track to recover the $ 0.28 obstruction, as it had received solid support at $ 0.2741. The combined market capitalization of the best 20 cryptocurrencies was at $ 368.26 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.


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The three most popular digital goods are marketing as front-liners as they enter the new week. Let’s analyze to check how they have structured it on the technical graphs.



ETH / USD: $ 409.50+ crucial for the bulls

Ethereum is moving to a strong resistance at $ 409.50, which is the crossroads of the earlier day high, the Pivot Point 1D R1 and SMA100 4H. The final break above the above-mentioned barrier will require a $ 413 test, last week high with Pivot Point 1D R2. The coming upside objective is targeted at $ 434.50, which is Pivot Point 1M R2.
On the downside, the cushion is waiting for $ 405, where the SMA10 4H, Fib 23.6% 1W, and 1D combine. A number of soft support levels are listed below the latter, approximately $ 398 levels, a combination of Fib 61.8% 1D and Fib 38.2% 1W.
The SMA200 1H meeting point, the previous day low, and the Pivot Point 1D S1 at $ 392 will be the ETH bear beat rate.


BTC / USD: $ 11,800 on the focus

Bitcoin expands its playing range under strong resistance to $ 11,633, a combination of SMA10 1D, Fib 61.8% 1D, and 1W.
In the last break above, the bulls could face a slight resistance at $ 11,700, where the Bollinger Band 1D Middle and Fib 161.8% 1D both meet. The next Soft Cap is detected at $ 11,830, last week high.
In contrast, retailers are aiming for a quick downside at $ 11,513, a merger of last month high, Fib 23.6% 1D, and Bollinger Band 1H Middle.
The intersection of Pivot Point 1D S3 and Bollinger Band 1D Lower at $ 11,250 is supposed to be the next milestone. Sales influence will grow under the latest, with a $ 10,900 trial release, Fib 23.6% 1M.



XRP / USD: Bullish is strong when over $ 0.2740

Ripple deals with ordinary profits on Sunday, with an instant hurdle targeted at $ 0.2800, midway of the past day high, Fib 61.8% 1W, and SMA200 1H. The next key barrier is set at $ 0.2823, which is SMA10 1D. Consumer interest will rise above the latter one, with a straight target of $ 0.2894. That level is the intersection of Pivot Point 1M R1 and Bollinger Band 1D Middle.
XRP bulls will supposedly be in charge until the site holds above the strong support of $ 0.2740, where intraday low, SMA5 1D and SMA100 1H meet. With the approval below that crucial assistance, the $ 0.2693 rate (Fib 38.2% 1W) could protect against further harm.

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