Samsung Galaxy S10e vs. Apple iPhone XR

Samsung Galaxy S10e vs. Apple iPhone XR


The iPhone XR and Galaxy S10e are Apple and Samsung’s fixation for the difficulty they have made. Not wealthy enough to pay for our $ 1000 flagships? Here is a $ 750 cut choice with a similar name and list of specifications.

However, while the two smartphones have a similar value, the two of them veer off. Apple has decided to make its less expensive varieties beefier, with a bigger display and battery. In the interim, Samsung is moving the other way, making the S10e the smallest of the four new S10 smartphones. At that point there are by far most of different factors and, also the greatest, software.

Things being what they are, on the off chance that you have $ 750 around in your pocket and you don’t select ​​for any of these smartphones, which one would it be advisable for you to pick? We chose to discover.




As referenced before, the iPhone XR and Galaxy S10e are totally unique yet distinct with regards to design. The XR is huge and incredible from the two, to the point of feeling huge, as though Apple needed it to sound more awful than their thin and basic XS telephones. Right now, the Galaxy S10e is probably the littlest telephone we have ever utilized in years and the nearest thing we have today is a “small phone” in 2019.

Notwithstanding size and weight, there are other distinctions in designs. The XR has a notch in display while the S10e has a chic punch hole. While everybody is figuring out how to overlook the notch on the iPhone, people in general has grasped the S10 hole punch design with backdrops that conceal the camera in cunning manners. Sadly, a significant number of these backdrops just function admirably on the bigger S10 and S10 + and less on the S10e because of the distinctive display sizes, yet we stick out.

The S10e likewise has a unique fingerprint sensor on a side inside the power button. It is quick and truly working, to where you can’t help thinking about why Samsung has chosen to go with the moderate and temperamental ultrasonic sensor on enormous S10 models. There is additionally a Bixby button on a side, which can be reestablished to another application.

Right now the iPhone XR doesn’t have a unique fingerprint sensor of any sort as it depends on its great face ID sensors for ID check. The system is quick, secure and authentic; all that you need from biometric security. Sadly, the long press to Siri on the power button is as yet irritating eighteen months after it was launched on the iPhone X and you need to press and hold the power and volume buttons to turn the iPhone off sounds senseless. What’s more, it is extremely simple to inadvertently take screenshots on this phone. Be that as it may, consequently, the phone has a mute slider, something each phone ought to have however doesn’t have.

Additionally, both of these phones are sandwiches of glass and metal. The S10e feels great on the hands, considerably more than the XR, yet that goes down to individual inclination and some may love to carry a heavier weight and XR feel. Both are all around worked, with solid construction and residue and water obstruction.

Nonetheless, Samsung felt free to give a case in a box to those who went paranoid. The case looks incredible with a round hole pattern on the backside that lets the phone look shiny, and is somewhat suggestive of the iPhone 5c case.

Discussing colors, the XR and S10e both come in six. Notwithstanding, while every one of the six XR colors are accessible in all markets, the accessibility of S10e colors relies upon the market, with your district coming to somewhere in the range of 2-5 in all colors. This thrashing the objective of having an assortment of colors, particularly in locales like India where you just get the high contrast like black and white.




The XR has a 6.1-inch LCD that Apple calls the Liquid Retina. It has a resolution of 1792 x 828 with a pixel density of 326 PPI, like the iPhones of the past generations. The S10e has a 5.8-inch OLED display, which Samsung calls the Dynamic AMOLED. It has a resolution of 2280 x 1080 with a pixel density of 438 PPI.

On paper, it appears to be that Samsung has a great deal of popularity. The S10e show is phenomenal, with astounding color accuracy (in Natural mode), wide color support, high brilliance and excellent view angles. What’s more, it’s a flat display, not at all like the curved ones in some S10 models, which implies you don’t get any contortion on the edges, which is ideal for thicker bezels. The display underpins HDR10 + and keeping in mind that Amazon Prime Video is the main service that offers viable content right now, you can in any case appreciate standard HDR10 content on Netflix or YouTube.

Nonetheless, the screen is a bit small, which isn’t astonishing thinking about the size of the smartphone. While this may not be an issue for individuals searching for a littler phone, on the off chance that you just purchased the S10e on account of its low value, this could be an issue. It is acceptable to utilize some essential applications yet any kind of media application, for example, photographs, recordings or games, isn’t fun on this screen. The display is likewise not splendid by hand. Just with programmed brightness under direct daylight or during HDR play where it can arrive at full brightness.

Samsung likewise added a couple of irritating highlights to the S10 arrangement. While playing SDR recordings, the display will in general squash the profound blacks out of frustration to make the video look high in contrast. This is on head of the effectively crushed blacks that are innate to Samsung’s displays. This veils a ton of shadow details in the videos and there is no way around it. Samsung has included a darkening feature that routinely changes the brightness dependent on the display. At the point when the screen turns brilliant white, it blurs a little yet unexpectedly and is difficult to dispose of. Once more, it is extremely unlikely to impair this.

The XR display may look awful on paper yet is really a great display with no bizarre characteristics or covered up “features”. Apple likewise consolidates its True Tone feature, which changes over display temperature dependent on lighting. Sadly, the XR doesn’t uphold Apple’s 3D Touch feature yet additionally, so does the S10e.

Display size is additionally generally utilized. The XR display really goes too far between small or huge and gives off an impression of being sensibly enormous in practically any application. The main genuine feature of the display is the notch; it isn’t generally obvious when you are utilizing the phone in portrait mode however you turn the smartphone on and observe full screen substance, for example, recordings or games and it cuts from multiple points of view and is difficult to overlook. The XR additionally has enormous bezels around the screen, which you are not so much used to.




Contrasting the iPhone with an Android smartphone is consistently a test in light of the fact that for some individuals, software is the most significant thing that represents the moment of truth their buy choice.

On the off chance that you are as of now centered around the Apple ecosystem, there are valid justifications to pick iOS. You get decent applications and games, interoperability between Mac, iPad and Apple TV, and the capacity to utilize applications like iMessage, AirDrop and iCloud Share. In the event that you have an iPhone, you can likewise get the Apple Watch, which is without a doubt the best watch available and is probably going to be accessible and upheld quite a while from now.

On the in addition to side of Android, you get a ton of customization and the capacity to adjust the product to your particular needs. Samsung has endeavored to improve the design of the UI, which is better than anyone might have expected. There are as yet numerous highlights, a large number of which, sadly, are covered too profound to even think about being effectively found. Also, when you discover them you can feel there is a great deal more. Be that as it may, having choices has never been a terrible thing and the S10e will compensate you in the event that you need to fix all the minor features of your phone, even the ones you didn’t think could be pulled.

Nonetheless, while iOS may feel restricted every now and then, Android likewise has a considerable amount of issues too. Applications and games in the Google Play Store despite everything don’t feel as cool as those in the App Store. The S10e, specifically, accompanies a touch of bloatware as pointless Facebook and Microsoft applications, none of which can be uninstalled. Samsung additionally doesn’t have an exceptionally enormous record with regards to programming updates; while you will get some device updates, significant Android updates ordinarily show up later than expected.




The iPhone XR has been an exhibition champion since its declaration because of Apple’s A12 Bionic chipset. CPU measurements are not on the graphs either on the grounds that it has a lower display resolution than the costlier XS and XS Max, and performs better on GPU testing.

Nonetheless, Samsung has worked admirably of catching Apple a half year prior. While GPU performance is as yet lingering behind, the CPU performance of the new Exynos 9820 is shockingly close.

With regards to ordinary use, it is hard to see the large contrast. By one way or another, the iPhone feels moderate however this is on the grounds that iOS has astonishing, clear illustrations that continuous use may slow it down. The S10e feels somewhat snappier in correlation and you can make it sound extremely quick by fixing animation speed in developer settings, something that would now be able to occur on iOS.

Where the S10e battles – and this is an issue found on Samsung smartphones – it has memory management. At 6GB, our S10e had twice as much memory as the iPhone XR however it didn’t feel that way. While iOS likes to stop applications if the application has been behind for some time, when you open the application it seems like you simply shut it. You can open the application daily or two later on XR and it will at present be in a similar condition as the one you left.

S10e, in the interim, wants to severely close down applications out of sight whenever left there for some time. In some cases, you can open the application following an hour and it will restart for you. In particular, opening applications from memory likewise enjoys a subsequent reprieve and you truly feel that delay. Whenever you close and open that application, it opens right away. This implies in the event that you continue swiping through a couple applications, every one of them will open and close promptly yet, state, open that 6th application to your task manager and the phone makes you hold up some time before dispatching it.




The iPhone XR has a solitary 12MP camera, f1.8 wide back. The S10e, then again, has a 12MP f1.5-2.4 wide camera and a 16MP f2.2 ultra-wide-point camera.

The two smartphones have excellent front cameras and both appear to be identical. Just when you zoom in close when you begin to see the distinction.

IPhone photographs are commonly sharp, however the S10e can set its opening to 2.4 in splendid lighting. The iPhone as a rule likes to store data in any event, when it is discernible with extra stable. The S10e lean towards slider eases back down to decrease clamor, which thus prompts lesser details.

The S10e will in general be very exposing as a portion of its past Samsung smartphones. This prompts the loss of featuring subtleties. The iPhone has the best full exposure and furthermore stores the best highlights in the features. Both have the HDR mode you know however the HDR of the iPhone is subtler and utilized a lot. The S10e powers its HDR again and again however you can likewise tell when it was utilized.

Color execution is very not the same as two smartphones. The iPhone, in most lighting conditions, will want to go for a hotter picture while the S10e will have a cool color tone. The S10e picture consistently looks better between the two yet the iPhone picture is more normal. In any case, the iPhone likewise upsets its white balance now and again. Radiant lights regularly mount on the iPhone’s camera, prompting cold-looking photographs.



Battery life and charging

The iPhone XR has a 2942mAh battery while the S10e packs a 3100mAh unit in smaller size. The battery life on the iPhone XR is excellent. It’s greatly improved, actually, on any current iPhone. You can undoubtedly sign in the entire day with this phone without stressing over charging.

Battery life on the S10e is greatly improved with some qualities. The S10e improved in our talk time test yet was beaten by the XR in the web browsing test. Both last longer similarly while playing recordings.

Be that as it may, while the S10e underpins quicker charging and happens to a quicker charger in the case, the iPhone XR accompanies a diminutive 5W charger in the container. This implies the iPhone takes over two hours to completely charge while the S10e takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. While there might be critical contrasts in full charging times, the S10e charge half for about 30 minutes while the iPhone takes over an hour to do the same.

The XR supports fast charging but you’ll have to invest in a USB-PD compatible fast charger. Or, just utilize your iPad charger.

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