Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review, Specs, Price

Smartwatches have become fundamentals of our lives would be putting it mildly yet we are traveling towards that path. Furthermore, we accept that Samsung, as one of the pioneers in the field, has numerous beneficial things. The current Galaxy Watch3 is a case of the superb plan and programming advancement so regardless of whether you have this cost of $540, there are a couple of valid justifications why you need to get it. It’s probably the most ideal competitive to Apple.



Tragically, we just found a smaller, 41mm model so we were unable to bamboozle the experience as the display in that model is 1.2 “while the 45mm offers a bigger 1.4” display. Additionally, the battery in the 41mm model is 247 mAh dissimilar to the 340 mAh battery in the 45mm model. Both of these alternatives are to some degree are downgrades contrasted with the genuine Galaxy Watch however we value Samsung’s endeavors to keep the feature gap somewhere in the range of 41mm to 45mm variations as low as could reasonably be expected. The 41mm got the LTE option this year with a speaker, which can be utilized to make phone calls. Features frequently left out of smaller gadgets from Samsung and different makers.


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Smartwatches these days are significantly more discrete than cell phones relying upon the hardware and programming they use. Since the Google Wear OS stage has failed to carry a serious inclination to the client experience and on the grounds that makers are continually searching for approaches to make their products unique, you have a great deal of variety with smartwatches. Some are intended for longer battery life and just communicate notifications from your phone, while others can run applications and are more autonomous.
The Galaxy Watches fall into the subsequent class. They utilize the Tizen-based wearable OS, they support applications, they have Wi-Fi and GPS, and a few models have LTE availability. Thus, they don’t keep a going and long-lasting battery – If you want to run them 3 days long.


Design and manufacture

As far as appearance, the design seems as though a wonderful old Gear Sport. Put aside the 41mm version we found, squeezed hard to perceive any observable distinction. It likely has some link to rotating bezel. Without a doubt, it likewise reminds us a genuine Galaxy Watch however in the wake of going through up to seven days with this watch, it began to feel like a Gear Sport.


Notwithstanding, the materials and appearance of the watch are not exceptionally short. It has a steel body while just a 45mm model can get you a costly titanium case. Samsung says the new Watch3 is 14% slimmer and 15% lighter than the first Watch while utilizing a bigger screen. This is just valid for the titanium 45mm version yet the 41mm one holds a 1.2-inch screen. It’s as yet a smaller body, however.


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Returning to talking of build, the watch offers a non-plastic back or if nothing else doesn’t feel far away from the plastic touch. We can expect that it is aluminum, notwithstanding, not stainless steel. All things considered, that is uplifting news as we regularly observe “premium” smartwatches with plastic packaging on the back. The Galaxy Watch also has one.


Usability and Controls

We have just communicated our satisfaction with the arrival of the rotating ring so you may have speculated that we like the manner in which the Tizen is navigating as a result of that ring. Obviously, you can generally make a decent swipe of the old style and now and again at times, you have to the drop-down menu for toggles, for example. In any case, the ring causes you to navigate precisely without smudging the screen and without upsetting the on-screen content.  Also that the rotating ring feels astonishing. It has evolved since the appearance of the Gear Sport and the Galaxy Watch.



The Galaxy Watch3 utilizes a 1.2-inch, Super AMOLED round panel with a resolution of 360 x 360px, at any rate 41mm i.e. The 45mm offers a lot bigger display 1.4-inch yet holds a resolution of 360 x 360px. Both are secured by Gorilla Glass DX dissimilar to the DX + on the old Galaxy Watch. Samsung doesn’t indicate how brilliant the screen is yet has thought that it was splendid enough in all conditions and not surprisingly, the hues look astounding. It depicts the amount of experience of OLEDs Samsung has.


Pixels are controlled by a fine old Exynos 9110 chipset dependent on a 10nm manufacturing process utilizing a dual-core processor working at 1.15GHz. SoC is intended for smartwatches and reminds of the first Galaxy Watch. We would value a very high-quality chipset yet, this one is by all accounts carrying out its responsibility well. With 1GB of RAM introduced and 8GB of internal storage, all features are quick and responsive. We are content with the increment of storage as 4GB of the older generation was insufficient.


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The Tizen OS 5.5 functions admirably on the gadget and we have no hiccups or falters. One could contend that bringing down the performance could deplete more battery however we don’t mind it at all. Take the smartwatches of Hauwei and Honor, for instance. They offer high battery life however neglect the performance. In spite of what Samsung offers with its Tizen OS.


Battery life

With the end goal of our test, we left all the positive qualities in its default state and had the option to get two simple days with one exercise and a short bicycle ride in the city where GPS is introduced and a couple of phone calls through the watch.



We were attached watch constantly, in any event, when we were sleeping to get that resting information of it. Here are the settings we have utilized and accept significantly affect battery life.


  • Screen brightness is set to 6/10 with the default low light mode setting on.
  • Notifications into account with sound and vibration.
  • Automatic pulse estimations after 10 minutes.
  • Bluetooth is constantly turned on and Wi-Fi is automated.
  • Wake up gesture with a 30-second screen time-out.


We assume the 45mm big watch will have an amazingly long battery life however we question it will hit the original Galaxy Watch as it had greater battery life. Regardless, we were not dazzled by the endurance of the 41mm variant.

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