Top 5 phones of 2020

Top 5 phones of 2020


Samsung Galaxy S11

If you can’t wait to see smaller punch hole of flagship phones, your wait is over it is heard that Samsung Galaxy S11 will have the smaller punch hole in the display, while it will come into romantic and stunning Auro Glow color. The great news is Samsung Galaxy S11 will support 5G. There is no confirm news but it’s hovering in the market that these phone will be launched by the mid of March 202. Camera module on the back of Samsung Galaxy S11 will be big like iPhone 11 but with different camera setup.

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Apple iPhone 12 or iPhone 5G

iPhone 11 versions were launched but users badly disappointed by its camera placements and not having 5G support. Later it was confirmed that Apple won’t launch 5G phones in 2019 which made its users wait for its next version Apple iPhone 12. Rumors are Apple iPhone 12 will have a new squarer design, no notch, 5G and OLED displays for all three models.

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Huawei P40

2019 was considered as bad year for Huawei due to US and China conflict over android support but Huawei is still popular in China and other Asian countries market which did not affect its products. Despite this, there are plenty of rumors circulating about the new phone. It is heard Huawei P40 is will be launched in early months of 2020 which will have a 64-megapixel main camera, part of a five-camera Leica system.

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Oppo Find X2

Oppo seems very much concerned to fix their notch display fault by using pop-up camera. Reports said, Oppo is using an under-display camera for the next version of the Find X, which is to be launched in 2020. Oppo Find X2 is empowered with Snapdragon 865 which will make user experience really interesting.

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Nokia 8.2 5G

The good news from Nokia is to beat its competitors with affordable price and giving 5G support in its new phone using Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Series hardware. Everyone knows Nokia and Qualcomm are coming together but we really don’t know a lot more about what next about these both- besides faster connection speeds. 5G Nokia phone is likely to appear at 2020. Nokia 8.2 will be a mid-range phone with Snapdragon 765.

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